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DEAKIN UNIVERSITY FACULTY OF BUSINESS AND LAW School of Accounting, Economics and Finance

MAA302 Strategic Management Accounting Trimester 2, 2011
Assessment: Value of assessment: Due date: Word limit Assignment 40 marks (20% of total assessment in this unit) Friday 30th September 2011 at 12:00 noon 2,000 words

Read the case The Balance Scorecard at Cola by White and Tuncbilek (2001). Required: a) Why develop a balanced scorecard for Cola? (10 marks) b) Compare the dynamic scorecard proposed by Cola’s consultant with Kaplan and Norton’s BSC. What are the main similarities? What are the main differences? (10 marks) c) Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses in the corporate scorecard developed by the management team. How does the corporate BSC support Cola’s strategy? (10 marks) d) Evaluate the process of implementing the BSC at Cola and communicating it to all employees. What went right? What could they have done differently? (10 marks)

Tips for Assignment Read the case thoroughly. a) What are the key points required by the assignment? b) Can the key points support your ideas or arguments? Outline the introduction, body and conclusion of your assignment. a) Evaluate and critically analyse your ideas or arguments. b) Support your ideas or arguments with appropriate examples and explanations. Ensure that all requirements of the assignment have been addressed. a) Ensure that there is a logical flow of ideas or arguments. b) Check spelling, punctuation and grammar. c) Proofread and edit your assignment. Re-write, if necessary, and proofread again.

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Instructions You are required to ensure that your assignment comply with the following instructions. Failure to do so would invite a penalty. Presentation Your assignment should be computer-typed, double-spaced and use Times New Roman font size 12. Hand-written assignments will not be accepted. Leave…...

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