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In Partial Fulfillment of a Requirement in

Instructional Leadership

Brother Andrew Gonzales College of Education

For the Degree in

Master of Education Major in Educational Leadership and Management

By: Imelda P. Tabian

I.D. # 11293853

Dr. Eric Olivares


S.Y. 2014-2015

I. Introduction and Background Information 1. Historical Development of the School Pitogo High School or otherwise known as PHS has its origins from the vision of the Local Government of Makati City of providing quality education for each of its students. Through the initiative of the city officials headed by then former Mayor Jejomar C. Binay now Vice-President and in collaboration with the Department of Education, both sector worked hand in hand in fulfilling its mission of providing access to education through technologically driven formal, non-formal and other alternative delivery system. The creation of a localized school was initiated by Mayor Binay and it was intended to benefit the citizens of Barangay Pitogo along with its co-barangay catchment areas of South Cembo, Pinagkaisahan, Cembo and Guadalupe Nuevo. Its first year of operation started 2004-2005 with Mrs. Luzviminda L. Bannag as its first administrator in her capacity as Officer-in-Charge. The number of students of PHS on its maiden operation was 918 and a total of 38 Teachers completed the Pitogo High School family. The following year ushered in a new leadership for Pitogo High in the person of Dr. Nora H. Serdenia, the only Principal IV in the entire Division of City Schools of Makati. The school year 2006-2007 opened its gates for all 2,700 students who filled up the entire year levels- freshmen, sophomore, junior and senior…...

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