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Look good and protect your health by shrinking your mid-section
Jelly belly, muffin top, spare tyre, pot belly – whatever you call it, a rounded tum isn’t just bad for the look of your jeans. It can also cause health problems. Australian Government guidelines say that a waist measurement above 94cm for men and 80cm for women indicates increased risk of developing chronic disease. It takes more than just some ab crunches to shift weight from around the middle. You need a multipronged attack of diet, exercise and lifestyle changes.

2 types of belly fat
There are 2 types of belly fat: subcutaneous fat, the wobbly kind you can grab with your hands, and the more dangerous visceral fat, which is stored around your organs. Visceral fat cells appear to be larger and more insulin-resistant than other lower body fat cells. The association between insulin resistance and obesity is strong, and both are major risk factors for the development of type 2 diabetes. A firm, taut mid-section is the reason why many people embark on a weight loss program. Their reason might be to improve their appearance, but losing weight from the abdomen is also a matter of good health. Here are our top recommendations for shrinking your middle. Read more: 7 steps to prevent diabetes

1. Do the DCBA

D – Diet is the most important element. “Portion control is crucial,” says Andrew Cate, author of Healthy Heart for Life. “You can have the healthiest diet in the world, but you won’t get results if you’re eating too much.”

C – Cardio is the next most effective fat buster.

“Intensity is important for weight control,” says Cate. “Light, steady workouts are useful, but make sure you get really puffed out at least a couple of times a week.”

B – Build muscle with exercises that strengthen your entire body.

“Just working your front won’t give you…...

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