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This is a self-study publication with two audio-cassettes for students preparing for the Academic Module of the International English Language Testing System
(IELTS), which is administered by The British Council, the University of Cambridge
Local Examinations Syndicate (UCLES) and by IELTS Australia.
The book covers the four modules of the IELTS exam: listening, reading, writing and speaking. Special features of the book are: the reading exercises, the detailed Keys for these exercises, the wide range of exercises to help you prepare for Writing Task
1, and the detailed Key for the Reading Tests.
The publication may also be used as a course book, or as a supplement to a course book. So that you may repeat the exercises in this book, we would advise you to avoid marking the text.
This new edition incorporates the changes to the speaking module introduced in
July 2001.
Sam McCarter, Julie Easton and Judith Ash





Listening Module




Listening Test 1


Listening Test 2


Listening Test 3


Listening Test 4


Reading Exercises




1. How to read, or how to read efficiently?


2. Learning to read organisation


3. More about reading organisation


4. A summary of functions


5. Recognising paragraph types


6. Simultaneous functions


7. Reading control


8. Spot the difference!


9. Learning to concentrate


10. Predicting organisation 1


11. Predicting organisation 2


12. Focus on paragraph headings


13. Foreground and background information
14. Increasing your reading speed



15. More about speed


16. Words that slow you down


17. Problems with meaning


18. An introduction to…...

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...How to prepare for IELTS - Writing Contents Page Details of the writing test Task 1 Bar and line graphs, pie charts & tables Process or flow charts Objects/how something works How to prepare for Task 1 Task 2 Questions How to prepare for Task 2 General tips for writing 2 2 4 7 9 10 13 14 17 19 Make sure you have a copy of the How to prepare for IELTS – FAQs booklet in addition to this booklet. 1 How to prepare for IELTS - Writing Details of the Writing Test Procedure of the test The writing test is the third test you do on the test day. You have 60 minutes for this test. There are two tasks or parts to do. You will be given a card with the two tasks – one task on each side of the card. You can make notes or write your plans on the card but it will not be seen by the examiner. You will also be given an answer booklet. You have to write your essays in the answer booklet. Notes are not acceptable and essays under the word limit will be penalized. How to prepare for IELTS - Writing Length & Timing You have to write at least 150 words. You are advised to spend 20 minutes on this task. Marking The Tasks This task tests your ability to perform one or more of the following functions in English: describe and interpret graphic data describe the stages of a process or procedure describe an object or event or sequence of events explain how something works Task 1 Your performance in Task 1 will be assessed on the criteria below: Task Achievement......

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