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4 June 2014
Avoiding Plagiarism Dylan, an Arts student picks John Steinbeck's The pastures of Heaven to write a paper comparing fiction in novel and film. He has to be careful with plagiarism that is what his professor talked about in the class. Before begin writing hence, Dylan wants to know more about plagiarism. Dylan, conscious about plagiarism copies direct quotations from the source and places quotation marks around it. He knows that copying a direct quotation from a source or a paper without placing quotation marks is counted as wrong work which is a plagiarism. He also acknowledges the quotations by crediting the source by work citing. Picking up a statement from a source and crediting means avoiding a plagiarism. Readers will have a clear idea about where the statement is extracted from. Quoting and paraphrasing, both are fine as long as their sources are credited. He takes Steinbeck's ideas or words and puts them into his own words, Dylan paraphrases by crediting the source by citing it. Paraphrasing is equally important as quoting to keep in mind while writing a paper to avoid plagiarism. If someone's ideas or words are taken without changing words, and is not quoted and not credited then it is considered a plagiarism. There are whole bunch of things Dylan has to consider while writing his paper. He should not have his friend or someone to write papers for him. Using a paper written by someone else other than himself is a plagiarism. Submitting a paper or an assignment for more than one class, and downloading or buying a term paper from the web are all considered plagiarisms. Plagiarism is a serious academic offense that leads to various results on students. Unintentional or minor plagiarism can be corrected by rewriting entire essay. But depending on the circumstances, students may…...

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