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10 Ways to Be Happier
How happy are you―really? If there’s room for improvement, try one of these suggestions. by Gretchen Rubin
A few years ago, on a morning like any other, I had a sudden realization: I was in danger of wasting my life. As I stared out the rain-spattered window of a New York City bus, I saw that the years were slipping by. “What do I want from life?” I asked myself. “Well…I want to be happy.” I had many reasons to be happy: My husband was the tall, dark, handsome love of my life; we had two delightful girls; I was a writer, living in my favorite city. I had friends; I had my health; I didn’t have to color my hair. But too often I sniped at my husband or the drugstore clerk. I felt dejected after even a minor professional setback. I lost my temper easily. Is that how a happy person would act? I decided on the spot to begin a systematic study of happiness. (A little intense, I know. But that’s the kind of thing that appeals to me.) In the end, I spent a year test-driving the wisdom of the ages, current scientific studies, and tips from popular culture. If I followed all the advice, I wanted to know, would it work? Well, the year is over, and I can say: It did. I made myself happier. And along the way I learned a lot about how to be happier. Here are those lessons.

1. Don’t start with profundities. When I began my Happiness Project, I realized pretty quickly that, rather than jumping in with lengthy daily meditation or answering deep questions of self-identity, I should start with the basics, like going to sleep at a decent hour and not letting myself get too hungry. Science backs this up; these two factors have a big impact on happiness.

2. Do let the sun go down on anger. I had always scrupulously aired every irritation as soon as possible, to make sure I vented all bad feelings before bedtime. Studies show, however, that the…...

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...Course title: FOREIGN TRADE TECHNIQUES Lectures – 30 hours Seminars – 30 hours Tests – 2 Exam Course’s content: TOPIC 1. COMBINED COMMERCIAL OPERATIONS TOPIC 2. INTERNATIONAL TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER TECHNIQUES TOPIC 3. TECHNIQUES OF INTERNATIONAL ECONOMIC COOPERATION TOPIC 4. TECHNIQUES OF INTERNATIONAL AUCTION TOPIC 5. COMMERCIAL CONTESTS (TENDERS) TOPIC 6. EXPORT OF INDUSTRIAL OBJECTIVES (PROJECTS) TOPIC 7. CONSULTING AND ENGINEERING ACTIVITY TOPIC 8. SHORT, MEDIUM AND LONG-TERM FINANCING TECHNIQUES TOPIC 9. SPECIAL FINANCING TECHNIQUES TOPIC 10. EUROMARKET FINANCING TECHNIQUES TOPIC 1. COMBINED COMMERCIAL OPERATIONS 1.1. Countertrade: genesis and determinant factors 1.2. Barter and offsets: specifics of carrying and contracting 1.3. Counter-purchase: participants and the mechanism of carrying. 1.4. Buy-back. 1.5. Re-export: reasons and the mechanism of carrying. 1.6. Re-import operation. Combined commercial operations – international affaires that combine elements of import, export, service rendering etc. in a single transactional mechanism, designed and applied by the foreign trade departments or firms specialized in this domain. Combined commercial operations  - more complex character;  - Increased transactional value;  - more complex juridical basis - usually, they consist of two or more contracts signed, among which there is a certain link;  - increased risk;  - its realization requires an increased level of......

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...Excel表格的35招必学秘技 也许你已经在Excel中完成过上百张财务报表,也许你已利用Excel函数实现过上千次的复杂运算,也许你认为Excel也不过如此,甚至了无新意。但我们平日里无数次重复的得心应手的使用方法只不过是Excel全部技巧的百分之一。本专题从Excel中的一些鲜为人知的技巧入手,领略一下关于Excel的别样风情。 一、让不同类型数据用不同颜色显示   在工资表中,如果想让大于等于2000元的工资总额以“红色”显示,大于等于1500元的工资总额以“蓝色”显示,低于1000元的工资总额以“棕色”显示,其它以“黑色”显示,我们可以这样设置。   1.打开“工资表”工作簿,选中“工资总额”所在列,执行“格式→条件格式”命令,打开“条件格式”对话框。单击第二个方框右侧的下拉按钮,选中“大于或等于”选项,在后面的方框中输入数值“2000”。单击“格式”按钮,打开“单元格格式”对话框,将“字体”的“颜色”设置为“红色”。   2.按“添加”按钮,并仿照上面的操作设置好其它条件(大于等于1500,字体设置为“蓝色”;小于1000,字体设置为“棕色”)。   3.设置完成后,按下“确定”按钮。   看看工资表吧,工资总额的数据是不是按你的要求以不同颜色显示出来了。 二、建立分类下拉列表填充项   我们常常要将企业的名称输入到表格中,为了保持名称的一致性,利用“数据有效性”功能建了一个分类下拉列表填充项。   1.在Sheet2中,将企业名称按类别(如“工业企业”、“商业企业”、“个体企业”等)分别输入不同列中,建立一个企业名称数据库。   2.选中A列(“工业企业”名称所在列),在“名称”栏内,输入“工业企业”字符后,按“回车”键进行确认。   仿照上面的操作,将B、C……列分别命名为“商业企业”、“个体企业”……   3.切换到Sheet1中,选中需要输入“企业类别”的列(如C列),执行“数据→有效性”命令,打开“数据有效性”对话框。在“设置”标签中,单击“允许”右侧的下拉按钮,选中“序列”选项,在下面的“来源”方框中,输入“工业企业”,“商业企业”,“个体企业”……序列(各元素之间用英文逗号隔开),确定退出。   再选中需要输入企业名称的列(如D列),再打开“数据有效性”对话框,选中“序列”选项后,在“来源”方框中输入公式:=INDIRECT(C1),确定退出。   4.选中C列任意单元格(如C4),单击右侧下拉按钮,选择相应的“企业类别”填入单元格中。然后选中该单元格对应的D列单元格(如D4),单击下拉按钮,即可从相应类别的企业名称列表中选择需要的企业名称填入该单元格中。   提示:在以后打印报表时,如果不需要打印“企业类别”列,可以选中该列,右击鼠标,选“隐藏”选项,将该列隐藏起来即可。   三、建立“常用文档”新菜单   在菜单栏上新建一个“常用文档”菜单,将常用的工作簿文档添加到其中,方便随时调用。   1.在工具栏空白处右击鼠标,选“自定义”选项,打开“自定义”对话框。在“命令”标签中,选中“类别”下的“新菜单”项,再将“命令”下面的“新菜单”拖到菜单栏。   按“更改所选内容”按钮,在弹出菜单的“命名”框中输入一个名称(如“常用文档”)。   2.再在“类别”下面任选一项(如“插入”选项),在右边“命令”下面任选一项(如“超链接”选项),将它拖到新菜单(常用文档)中,并仿照上面的操作对它进行命名(如“工资表”等),建立第一个工作簿文档列表名称。...

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...Creating Texts: Letter Writing By Lachlan Reid – 989856 August 26, 1991 (letter ONE) Dear Charlie, I wish I could send you this letter, but I understand why you wish that I don’t know you. I want you to know that I will try to figure out who you are, I’ve always liked to know who I am writing to and I’m sorry for that. I promise that if I find you, I will not approach you, I will simply leave the replies to your letters for you, I may see you but you won’t see me. Promise me not to be mad, please? I will always reply to your letters, I believe that’s what you should do with letters, don’t you? As you tell me about your life, I will tell you about mine. I can already tell that we may be more similar than you may think and have experienced events in our short lives that may also be similar. I’m sorry to hear about your friend Michael, I can only imagine how his suicide has affected you. I have never experienced the loss of someone to suicide, although I have lost family members who were very close to me. I’ve seen school counsellors who tell me that “time heels grief and the pain”, but some days I wonder if the grief and pain will ever go away. I hope you never think of killing or hurting yourself Charlie, you appear to be an intellectual person, who many people would miss if you were gone. I think it’s good to cry, not all the time and for no reason, but sometimes things hurt so badly that we can’t help but cry. I know after I’ve had a cry, I often......

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...what it seems to be but it doesn’t really matter as long as you’re there, as long as you cares I’m okay, I’m contented. I met you for some reason, and no words can ever describe how overwhelmed I am on whatever it is that we have, or it might just be an illusion I create to satisfy my longingness for someone who’d make me feel special: and if it is I don’t even want to wake up! I thank GOD for meeting someone who is willing to make me beam & melt my heart away with simple things that surely do matter to me! I don’t expect anything to happen at all we indeed find love in surreal places, with people whom we thought are out of our league, on a time where we thought everything is hopeless. The only thing I need to do now is to make you feel how special you are to me, how happy I am that you’re around, how overwhelmed I am by the efforts and actions you have shown & of coarse how thankful I am for letting me love you the best way I can, furthermore, I need to prepare myself to a series of unexpected events whether good or bad. But one thing is for sure i am willing to wait for that moment that you would be able to say yes and we will be able to be together as couple you just came in time! you were the answer to my prayers. I can still smell your perfume, still can hear your voice, and can still see your face every time I close my eyes! I just can get enough of you and as I head to my bed I know you’d be the last person I’d think about and the first person in my mind as......

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