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Introduction Designation of Public Information Officer/ Assistant Public Information Officer/ Appellate Authority. Procedure and fee structure. Organisation details and departments. Officers /Branches with Phone number Details General information on area of operation, different types of routes. Student concession tickets, Monthly season tickets, Travel as you please ticket. Chartered trip, hiring of buses and luggage fare. Classification of routes. Details of Night services. Issue of Free passes to Physically Handicapped, Mentally Retarded, Blind, Freedom Fighters. Public Complaints, Lost property details. Buses to private parties on hire basis. Free passes to students up to 12th Standard. Accident Branch details

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INTRODUCTION In order to promote transparency and accountability in the working of every Public Authority and to empower the citizens to secure access to information under the control of each public authority, the Government of India have enacted “The Right to Information Act 2005”, (RTI ACT) which came into force on 15.06.2005. In accordance with the provisions of section 4(1) (b) of this Act, the Metropolitan Transport Corporation (Chennai) Limited has brought out this Manual for information and guidance of the general public.

The purpose of this manual is to inform the general public about this department’s organizational set up, functions and duties of its officers, records and documents available with the department.

A person requiring any information under the Act may contact Thiru. M.Chandrasekhar, Company Secretary,…...

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