A Worn Path

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A Worn Path
A Worn Path by Eudora Welty is a short story about an elderly women- Phoenix Jackson and who is taking a long journey though the woods into town to acquire medicine for her sick grandson. On her way she encounters many obstacles such as the thorns in which her dress got caught in, barbed wire, a scarecrow, a large dog, a hunter and the lady, which ties her shoes. All of these obstacles among her dementia and hallucinations, which are implied throughout the story, delay her from reaching town. Throughout the story the reader can perceive that her grandson has already died, however due to her dementia she has trouble remembering. A Worn Path by Eudora Welty is a metaphor for people in this world that use the “worn path” instead of the easy one to reach their goals, just like Phoenix Jackson used her undying love and devotion for her grandson as a push towards town through the forest even though the journey is hard.
Phoenix’s journey through to the woods to town is a long and tiredly one- her journey in many ways is just like many of ours. When Phoenix is passing through a field of dead corn she realizes that “there was no path”. With her realization so to came mine. Just like she was walking through a pathless field so to do we. Our day consist of our basic routines. I as a student wake up every morning, get dressed, go to school, do homework, sleep. The path I led was in field of dead corn however is it when I instituted change, meaning and goals in my life when my path suddenly appeared, and the struggle of life began.
“‘Walk pretty’ she said. ‘This the easy place. This the easy going’…she ‘[swayed] through the quite bare fields, through the little strings of trees silver in their dead leaves, past cabins silver from weather, with the doors and windows boarded shut…”. Phoenix has finally reached the “easy” point in her journey. Though shortly…...

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