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Transformer Handbook
Business Unit Transformers Power Technologies Division Draft. Rev. 02Q


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FOREWORD (RW Partially ready)
The objective of this Transformer Handbook is to facilitate the physical understanding, selection, ordering, operation and maintenance of the whole range of power and distribution transformers. The target readers are personnel involved in the various stages of a transformer’s service life, from planning the investment to the disposal of the transformer after use. The handbook is arranged with the sections following the transformer’s life from initial considerations and planning through ordering, installation, operation, maintenance and scrapping. Other useful information, including more theoretical topics, is included. Navigation through the handbook is facilitated through a three level contents following this foreword, and the Index Section 18 page 194 at the end. Each section may be read independently of the other sections. Some topics or phenomena are deliberately mentioned several places in the text for the purpose that readers might not read the whole content of this book from the beginning to the end, but only chapters of particular individual interest. The first edition, Rev. 01, of this handbook issued at the end of 2003 was limited to distribution transformers and the “IEC-world”. Based on e.g. feedback from the readers and the fact that ABB has merged all transformer activities into one Business Unit, Transformers, this second edition of the handbook now covers all transformer types fulfilling the requirements of IEC and relevant ANSI/IEEE standards. This handbook is based on ABB Ltd. best knowledge and experience, and is meant to be a guide for the readers in handling transformer matters.…...

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