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1) Describe the ways in which the Four Revolutions and the two major Abrahamic Traditions tried to correct societies experiencing social injustice.

The four revolutions and two Abrahamic Traditions tried to correct societies experiencing social injustice in several ways. When people experience injustices they tend to look for solutions for the unfairness around them. First way, and what I believe is the most important, is spreading the idea that there is life after death, and how we act in this life affects our afterlife. This idea is found in most all the religions, was meant to break the cycle of bad behavior. Then you have people like Confucius who attempted to reform the government though contemplation and critical thinking. He set a good example and expected people to live under the golden rule. Then the birth of Philosophy has people asking questions about what is going on around them and changing laws to make more sense. Judaism started regulating moral behavior, influencing society to do the right thing.

2) What messages were common throughout these ‘revolutions’ and awakenings?

A common message throughout these revolutions and awakenings were people were oppressed by the government and during the birth of these people were looking for answers to the universe, life, and death.

3) What problems were they trying to solve?

These revolutions and awakenings were ultimately started to solve problems of the civilians, and to justify things around them. I also believe people were looking for a purpose for their lives beyond just living and dying. They were also coming up with ways to explain, what at that time were unexplainable such as, natural disasters, and plagues.

4) Were they adequate in solving them, or were the problems too persistent? In many cases these new beliefs solved some…...

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