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Norman Corporation (A)*

Until 2006, Norman Corporation, a young manufacturing of specialty products, had not had its financial statements audited. It had, however, relied on the auditing firm of Kline & Burrows to prepare its income tax returns. Because it was considering borrowing on a long-term note and the lender surely would require audited statements, Norman decided to have its 2006 financial statements attested by Kline & Burrows.

Kline & Burrows assigned Jennifer Warshaw to do preliminary work on the engagement, under the direction of Allen Burrows, Norman’s financial vice president had prepared the preliminary financial statements shown in Exhibit 1. In examining the information on which these financial statements were based, Ms Warshaw discovered the facts listed below. She referred these to Mr. Burrows.

1. In 2006 a group of female employees sued the company, asserting that their salaries were unjustifiably lower than the salaries of men doing comparable work. They skied for back pay of $250,000. A large number of similar suits had been filed in other companies, but results were extremely varied. Norman’s outside counsel thought that the company probably would win the suit but pointed out that the decisions thus far were divided, and it was difficult to forecast the outcome. In any event, it was unlikely that the suit would come to trial in 2007. No provision for this loss had been made in the financial statements.

2. The company had a second lawsuit outstanding. It involved a customer who was injured by one of the company’s products. The customer asked for $500,000 damages. Based on discussions with the customer’s attorney, Norman’s attorney believed that the suit probably could settled for $50,000. There was no guarantee of this, of course. On the other hand, if the suit went to trial, Norman might win it. Norman did not carry…...

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...unveiled its long-rumored tablet device, the iPad, at a press event today in San Francisco, mobile industry insiders in Seattle, Boston, and elsewhere were watching closely. Which is exactly what you would expect, given Apple’s track record of disrupting industry after industry with previous iProducts like the iPod, iTunes, and the iPhone. In conclusion, long before Steve Jobs lifted the cloak of secrecy, the iPad was both feared and revered—feared because of the possibility that it will once again upend the way people consume digital content such as music, movies, TV shows, games, books, newspapers, and magazines, and revered because it could provide creators and distributors in each of these media with new ways to reach customers. Additional Information Speed: The original iPad was fast, but it’s speed seems snail-like compared to iPad 2.  With the A5 chip, iPad makes watching video, playing games, and accomplishing any task lightning quick.  Don’t believe the hype?  Head to an Apple Store or ask a friend who has iPad 2 to let you take it for a spin and discover the speed you’re missing if you don’t have iPad 2. Weight Loss: The original iPad was thin and light.  iPad 2 makes the first iPad seem like a hulking, bloated, beast.  The “heaviest” iPad 2, the WiFi+3G model weighs 1.34 lbs. (607g) and is .34 in. (8.8 mm) thick.  iPad 2 represents a 33% decrease in size over its predecessor, which weighed 1.6 lbs. (730g) and was .5 in. (13 mm) thick.  Smart Covers: If size,......

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