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Administrative Assistant

Job Summary
The Administrative Assistant position is a vital position in providing support to the Call center office and Office Manager. The job requires an individual to provide information to applicants and employees; must be able to maintain financial and clerical records in an organized and easy to find fashion; and complete all assigned projects and tasks.
Supervision: This job requires little to no supervision
Essential Job Functions * Maintains a variety of employment files and records, (e.g. applicants, employees, etc.) for the purpose of compiling pertinent employee information, ensuring accuracy of employee’s records, maintaining eligibility for position and complying with mandated requirements. * Assists the department staff with the employment process (e.g. callbacks, scheduling interviews, entering information into computer, maintaining current applications, assisting with applicant searches, notification, etc.) for the purpose meeting staffing requirements while complying with company guidelines. * Assists with new employee orientation (e.g. payroll and benefit policies, assisting with enrollment forms, etc.) for the purpose of ensuring employees are knowledgeable of current practices and administrative processes. * Performs record keeping and clerical functions (e.g. scheduling, copying, faxing, filing, data entry, typing, calculating, verifying, etc.) for the purpose of supporting the department staff. (40+ wpm, 100% accuracy) * Managing the Office Manager’s calendar (e.g. scheduling appointments etc.) to ensure that Manager is on time to scheduled meetings. * Receives items within the office (e.g. mail, messages, application packets, packages, supplies, etc.) for the purpose of ensuring receipt and delivery to addressee. * Answers phone system for the purpose of screening calls,…...

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