Administrative Ethical Issues

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Administrative Ethical Issues
Nicole L. Clayton
25 July 2011
Patricia Daugherty

Administrative Ethics Paper
Ethical issues are a constant in the healthcare world. Finding the line between what is legally right and what is ethical is not a simple task. In recent news a Turkish doctor is being tried for that very reason. The doctor on trial refused to treat a patient because the scenario would have required him to breach the doctor-patient confidentiality law. However, the gendarmeries were bound under orders to not leave the patient, who was also a prisoner, unsupervised due to the Tripartite Protocol. In this paper legal and ethical issues that arise from both sides, when each party is bound by separate laws, as well as what happens when these laws overlap.
Issue and Impact
With the case regarding Sadık Çayan Mulamahmutoğlu, a physician from south-eastern Turkey whom refused treatment of an inmate brought into the medical facility where he was working, for concerns that the scenario would violate the doctor patient confidentiality law (Bianet, 2011). This case will affect all prisoners that require healthcare treatments in a hospital setting, the law enforcement officials required to supervise the inmate and the medical professionals called on to treat the patient. This does not include the general public who agree with one side or the other. The media surrounding this case is getting many people who side with the medical professionals and less with the legal side of the dilemma. Many community members have gone so far as to create signs expressing their dissatisfaction of how Dr. Mulamahmutoğlu is being treated. “The right to health cannot be tried” has become one of the statements being displayed on posters and banners created by members of the public who disagree with the inmates right to be seen as a patient that needs to be treated…...

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