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Adult Health Concept





The purpose of this paper is to provide a comprehensive analysis on the adult health based on logical concepts of mobility and oxygenation. The emphasis is rather focused on old patients who have locomotive problems. These old patients can no longer engage in massive physical activities. The reduced activities may be due to various physical impairments. In a situation where the patient is suffering from hypertension and angina, the best medical practice shift to oxygenation.
The paper gives a close analysis to a patient by the name Danilo Ocampo. The patient is a retired pathologist. The patient is 74 years old with a declining health in the past few years. The patient is suffering from hypertension, angina, myocardial infarction, and class II heart failure. These multiple ailments have incapacitated his movements. Due to his cardiovascular disorders the patient takes medication such as metoprolol, lisinopril, and Aldactone which is also supplemented with furosemide off and on.
Ocampo has a well background in medicine which offers him a good understanding of pharmaceutical properties of the medication. He has on and off admissions to the hospitals due to a multiple combination of the medication that he takes. The adverse side effect of the drugs he is using has caused multiple admissions to the hospital. At times he is forced to get out of the hospital before he gets better so as to take care of the ailing wife.
Mobility concept
Mobility impairment is a limitation in independent and purposeful physical movement of the body or of one or more extremities. The alteration in a person’s mobility can either be permanent or temporary. The causes of mobility are highly associated with fractures of the bones, strokes, morbid obesity, trauma or…...

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