Affecting Change

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Affecting Change

Organizational Leadership LDR 531
April 2, 2011
Joseph A. Bucci
LDR 531
Affecting Change
Change is something that is inevitable and cannot be prevented. Many organizations undergo change every day in order to remain operational as well as to take advantage of opportunities within their industry. There are times when employees do not accept change positively. In situations like these, how do managers cope with resistance? Leadership is defined in many different ways but the most common definition is the ability to influence a group towards a common goal (University of Phoenix). An effective manager is responsible for motivating employees through change to accomplish organizational goals.
Smith and Falmouth is a midsized Teleshopping network with operations in the United States and Canada. S & F was motivated by its industry forecasts an immediately moved to become a major player within their industry. Their first move was implementing an e¬tailing division, S & F Online, six months ago. The success of this division was crucial to the company’s growth over the next three years. The CEO, Irene Seagraves, appointed members of a new division to implement the strategy of S & F Online. Seagraves appointed various members of the team to positions within the management leauge. Irene also appointed a Chief Operating Officer of S & F Online to increase the sales and to make the company a profitable long-term company (University of Phoenix).
Control methods
Organizational culture is a relatively new term and only has been around since the mid eighties. Previously organizations were thought of as a necessary means to control a group of people. Organizations are more than that. They have their own personality and values that influences the members within the organization. An organization that is intutionalized has a personality of its own.

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