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Tatiana Andreeva
Graduate School of Management, St.Petersburg State University, St.Petersburg, Russia

Both knowledge-creation and knowledge-sharing are viewed as very significant for competitiveness of an organization in modern knowledge economy. Contemporary literature usually treats these two processes as either independent or positively related.
However, analyzing various organizational conditions for efficient course of these processes, we proposed that in some cases they may contradict each other. Thus on micro-level of analysis we hypothesized that there were two distinct non-overlapping groups of individuals – those more disposed towards knowledge creation, and those more disposed towards knowledge sharing. This hypothesis was examined with empirical data from employees of 5 knowledge-intensive companies.

Author contact information:
Tatiana E.Andreeva, Ph.D.
Senior Lecturer,
Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources Management department,
Graduate School of Management,
St.Petersburg State University
16, Dekabristov per., St.Petersburg, Russia, 199155
Phone: (7-812) 350-8155
Fax: (7-812) 350-0406 e-mail:

Managing knowledge-related processes in organizations is one of the hotly discussed themes of the last decade. Both management practitioners and academics claim that it is namely these processes that are crucial for creation and maintenance of the competitive advantage in the post-industrial era (e.g., Nonaka, 1994, Davenport,
Prusak, 2000). Another topical issue for contemporary organizations is managing their human resources, as people are recognized nowadays as being the most valuable asset of the modern organizations (e.g. see…...

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