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Competing demands balance by Congressman -what I think -whats best for my constituants -whats best for the country -whats the right thing

Bicameral- two houses, one more populace, one more elitist.

Reapportionment- happens every 10 years after census, readjusts how many representatives.

Redistricting- within a state, you redraw districts according to how many representatives you have

Gerrymandering- You mess around with redistricting…the state senate redraws the districts in favor of how they want.

Advantages of being an incumbent- they win 85% of the time. They have name recognition

Pro’s for term limits- when politicians become professional they begin to lose touch with the people and become corrupt…
Con- when you have a really good one, they are limited to what they can do

Who presides over the Senate? Vice President

Powers of the Speaker of the House- Call on people to speak, assign bills to committees, set time limits for debates.

Nancy Pelosi- Speaker of the House, from San Francisco, California.

Pro tempore- has to do with the fact that the vice president never shows up to the senate, the senior member of the major party is the leader of the senate

Majority leader- the person who sets the agenda for the party

Whip- the one who counts the votes and makes sure it gets done…twists peoples arms to get them to vote their way.
Filibuster- somebody talks as long as they want

Cloture- two thirds majority vote in the senate, you can limit the amount of time spent debating a bill.

Riders- attached to bills and usually have nothing to do with bills, attempt to get politicians to vote on the bill.

Amendments to bills- if a bill is sent back from the senate to the house then it would be amended. Has to go through both houses in identical form

Electoral college- the way we elect our president…each state gets an…...

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