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* Define personal responsibility and what it means to you.
According to ASK .com Personal responsibility is doing what is meant to be done and fulfill the commitments that are already made. It brings positive personal change into a person’s life and also transforms an individual into a more effective person who contributes to a more positive, energetic and dynamic organizational culture. When one fails to be personally responsible, the necessary effort falls to others. Is an act of standing up for one's own decisions Personal responsibility makes an individual to be responsible for their own deeds and actions. It is a virtue and should apply to a person's thoughts, feelings and actions.

When you are responsible for something that means you are in charge of making sure it goes well or whatever it may be, in your job or other areas of life. Personal responsibility is more about things that directly affect you. It's important to have personal responsibility because it helps you grow as a person. It makes you try hard to handle things in your life, if it fails, you fail. You can find more examples online.

According with Len Wilson storyteller and strategies Personal capital is closely related to personal responsibility, when personal responsibility is defined as a person’s “response-ability,” that is, the ability of a person to maturely respond to the various challenges and circumstances of life. Personal capital is also closely connected with character, when character is defined as a person’s moral or ethical quality, and the character of a person gives them advantages to respond to the challenges of life. Personal capital, then, is the inner resources, assets, and advantages of personal responsibility and character that one brings to the challenges and circumstances of life. When personal capital is low, a person is a victim of circumstances, at the effect of…...

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