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Village of the Water Mills

Based on this video clip the old man reminds me the importance of our nature and also the old man explains even if there's no technology we can survive. in the part of the children putting some flowers in the big stone it attracts me to thinks why the children's put flowers there after passing the bridge and the old man that there's a person who is buried there after seeing him dead by that I learned that we are forgotten many things in the past especially giving respect to others and our ancestors and the old man also discussed the life in the cities and the people there especially the scientist he said that scientist proud to their inventions but those inventions will lead us to destroy our nature. He said also the most important things to us people is the clean air clean water and the trees and grass the produced them. but now we can only see polluted air dirty water. it make sense we people are the one who is destroying our beautiful nature .

I was amazed on the people who lived in the village. because the aged of the old man is one hundred three and he can lived like an normal human to think people in the cities at aged of sixties or seventy and up its rare to see people work like the old man do it means to lived in a life of simplicity it will make us lived more years. it just because he is leaving in a good place with good nature that give healthy health. not like in cities we just get polluted that not help us at all. and he also tell that every people in the village died in the ripe old age of their age. they lived that long because they lived their life in the natural way.

The very special part for me is the funeral because for me that scene is therapeutic and it can change people to contemplate their lives. and in the funeral scene you will think why they…...

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