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1. Sai Priankaa Balachandran (POC)
2. Shambhavi Gupta
3. Prashant Singh MMAY14CMM014 MMAY14CMM015 MMAY14CMM012
Research Title : Comprehensive Analysis of Issues faced by Street Food Vendors in Singapore

1. Research Objectives (Be Specific)

• What is the root cause of problems that are being faced by Street Food Vendors?
• What are the efforts being made by the Government to uplift them? How are they faring in reality?
• Who are the Street Vendor’s competitions?
• What is the scope of including Hawker Centres for Gourmet Tourism in Singapore?
• Can Hawker Culture be promoted as a BRAND?

2. Readings Status (How many of your sources are from ) Consultation I Mid-Review Consultation II

a. Journal articles 5 ___________ ___________

b. Book chapters 0 ___________ ___________

c. Business related publications 5 ___________ ___________

d. Government / Regulatory etc. 3 ___________ ___________

e. Others (Videos, Presentations, etc.) 1 ___________ ___________

f. Case Studies / Research Papers 5

3. References (1 reference per line) (Attach additional sheet if required)

Online Journal Entries:
1. Cheung, H. (2013, May 16). Can Singapore's hawker food heritage survive?. Retrieved from
2. Fu, G. (2014, June 8). In…...

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