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Commercial and personal web Web sites need to contain certain elements that will draw in users and/or customers. Below is a list of pros and cons, along with an analyzed list of aspects that the group felt were important to have on a wWeb site. The commercial Wweb site that was chosen was

Analyzed list for

A commercial web Web site should have functions and elements that draw the users and customers back for more viewing and utilization. To have this happen, certain aspects should be incorporated onto the Wweb site. The following are fundamentals that should be included:

❑ Functionality ❑ Sensible Navigation ❑ Working Navigation (No dead links, etc.) ❑ Consistent Design ❑ Credible and original content ❑ Accessibility and easy to find wanted items ❑ Meet the needs of the targeted visitors ❑ Allows customizing to user preferences ❑ Must meet the needs and objectives of the company (In this case ❑ Work effectively ❑ Interactive ❑ Professional ❑ Well edited ❑ Quick downloading (If it takes too long the visitor will leave and not return) ❑ Provides search tools within the web Web site ❑ Site security ❑ Should have low contrast backgrounds ❑ Should provide FAQ page ❑ Toolbar should be discreet, elegant and efficient

Standard page elements: * Page title in browser title bar * Title of page on the page * Links for the page * Link to corporate identification * Link to home * Link to email for webmaster Webmaster * Copyright information

Pros list for

To begin with, the Wweb site address is short, simple, and descriptive. It is a name that accurately describes the purpose of the Wweb site, to buy items. The name of…...

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