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The Graduate – 1st person narrative
My name is Benjamin and I’ve just graduated as a teacher. Now I’m home, and I’m waiting for a party. It is because that my parents are proud of me because I’m now able to become a teacher.
Actually, I didn’t enjoy the party at all. I had so many things on my mind that I didn’t care about all the guests. I know that they just wanted to congratulate me, but I just didn’t enjoy it as much as I could. You see, now when I’m done with my graduation my life and mind has become very trivial. The days look like each other, and I don’t know what to do anymore, so I have to think about it. I have to think a lot..about everything.
I went up to my room to think, but someone suddenly came in of the door. My father had a business partner and it was his wife, Mrs. Robinson, who was there.
She wanted me to follow her home, and I felt like i had to do it because she wasn’t all! I drove her home. As soon as we arrived at her house I wanted to go back home, but she had other plans. She tried to seduce me.
She even got bare naked and let me see her. She told me that she was avoidable for me, but I just wanted to go home so I did so.
However, after travelling a lot I wanted to see her and have sex with her. So I arranged a meeting with her in a hotel. But because of that I only got problems because I felt in love with Mrs. Robinson’s daughter, Elaine. And I don’t know how to make her mine; because I’ve had sex with her…...

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...verbruiker ‘n idee te gee van wat hy kan verwag van die program en hoe dit gaan werk. Inleiding Die idee : Om ‘n program te skryf wat ‘n boodskap onleesbaar te maak vir ander. My mikpunt is om n program te skryf wat op mense met ouderdomme wat varieer tussen 18 en ouer. Wat basiese sinne vat en dit omskakel in iets onleesbaar. Die program sal uit ‘n begintoneel drie ander tonele en ook ‘n eindtoneel bestaan. Die drie ander dele sal wees een vir die enkodeer, om die boodskap te dekodeer en om die gedekodeerde boodskap te vertoon. Die boodskappe sal gerig wees op ‘n geheime agent. Die ge-enkodeerde boodskap sal heeltemal onleesbaar wees en sal ‘n onderskepper wat dit probeer ontsyfer se vermoe toets. Die program sal die verskil maak in of die geheime agent die boodskap by sy gesagtes kan uitkry en of hy uitgevang word. As die boodskap onderskep word sal dit nie ontsyfer kan word met n ander kode nie want jy kort die regte sleutel. Die program sal toets of die gebruiker die kode dalk kan breek sonder die sleutel en dit kan n groot gevaar inhou vir die agent. Die enkodeer en die dekodeer sal dieselfde sleutel gebruik , kyk of jy dit kan ontsyfer. Liggaam Bestaande kodes/sleutels Daar is alreeds ‘n groot groep bestaande kodes. Daarom is dit moeilik om nuwe kodes te ontwikkel omdat ‘’n ander kode se sleutel dalk kan werk om jou ge-enkripteerde data te kan dekodeer. Die kode kan in sommige aspekte dieselfde wees maar die sleutel wat gebruik word moet verskil......

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