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What are some of the cost/benefit considerations to weigh when you are looking at electronic storage versus the traditional method of document storage?
There are several advantages of electronic storage; the first one is the ability of accessing the information and the searching speed. Some years ago companies use to store information in hard disks and file cabinets. Employees use to lose information and were not able to access the information within the entire company and use to lose time because going to find the information rather than just opening the information by accessing one computer.
The data can be store regularly and uniformly. The old storage or disk recovery had sometimes duplicate entries, now there are ways to store the information.
The old type of storage was kept in an office, now companies can have a small server with the entire company’s information stored and update frequently.

A lot of users can access the data at the same time, as before, only one person was able to access the information.

For me there are three main disadvantages of the new way of electronic storage data corruption, stole information and editing. The information can be change at any time and sometimes it is hard to find the corruption of the data. Theft can find the way to access records and steal the company’s records.

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