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I have individual meeting with teacher on 07-06-2011.
Last time teacher pointed out some things need to be correct .
Plz provide me those corrected one like topic ,introduction and literature review etc to discuss with the teacher in next meeting.
Also plz have look on the things written down which in last week classes teacher told us about proposal.
Background to topic and organisation.
References:(3-5) academic sources for introduction at the end of proposal .
Research objectives and research questions Maximum 5 of each.
Objectives :criticallyanalyse,investigate,compare,evaluate and make recomendations.
Research questions:
Concluding paragraph.
Key literature main auther,theories and debates.
REFERENCE:(15-20 academic references at the end).
Evaluation/ review:avoid lis,avoid cut and paste,put things into your own words.but still cite between literature and research.
Objectives/questions table.
METHODLOGY:(30 marks).
Indentify,describe and justify choices of the elements of your research methodlogy (research onion).
Reference: academic sources (5-10).
Research onion.
Philosophy-interpertivism and positivism.
Approach-inductive and deductive.
Strategy-case study,survey,desk based.
Appendix N.
Sampling size,type,where/who limitation.
AppendixN time horizen. Crossectional or longitudinal.
Data collcction-primary/secondary.
Data analysis and presentation of findings (using of charts).
ACCESS:(10 marks).
Liklihood of being able to carry out survey and gather data.
Fall back…...

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...failures?  Describe why. Apple Inc. has been in the USA and market place for long time since 1975 until today. Apply Inc. is the leader in technology market in the USA and in the world. In very beginning Steve Jobs and Steven Wozniak invented Apply I in 1975 and surprising the sale was pretty good. Then two years later the second, Apple II was designed and within a year the company has made $3 million. This is just the result that Apply always been working on creative and new things. Back in time, the Apple Inc. was not always big success. Couple years later Apple Inc. has design the pricey and unique product with the high price such as, Apple Lisa in 1983 or Macintosh TV in 1993. Both has ended up been the worse product due as a computer specs; it is lackluster and too expensive for Macintosh TV. Another flop is back in 1996 as network computer that can play game. The failures of Apple have been due to following; 1. Pricey Products 2. Poor marketing efforts 3. Too ambitious products The following products could be considered success for Apple; 1. IPod is one of the Apple’s biggest successes, it has completely changed the music industry and we can even say it has done a revolution in the technology innovation. 2. IPhone is the biggest success in my opinion since it is affordable, very popular and useful for everyone compare to other products Apple released. Created January 2007. 3. The Apple II 4. IPod 5. ITunes Apple Reinvented success......

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Tm 583 Case 1 Apple Apple is a success story that uses creativity to produce new and innovative products. Failure is not bad as long as lessons are learned and the same mistakes don’t continue to occur producing failed products. Apple follows business rules and principles that have lead them to the point in the business world today as a leading business corporation within the innovative, always changing, technological business. Chris Morrison, with CBS Money watch points out the four most important principles that Apple follows. These principles are 1. Don’t Follow Your Customers; Lead Them 2. Temper Engineering With Art 3. Focus on the Few to Sell to the Many 4. Be Your Own Toughest Critic Other companies and businesses could follow similar principles to stay on top of the ever changing technological advances. These advances are being made based on the demands and needs of consumers. We have become very dependent upon technology to function day to day and are always looking for new technology that may make help life less hectic. Apple has been able to take technology to the next level providing new products for the customer that may be unthinkable to the consumer prior to seeing and reviewing the new item. The changes and advances in technology is driven by our culture today. No one wants to wait days for mail for something when with the help of technology can be completed and on its way to the recipient within minutes of the beginning process. As Apple was......

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