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Apple's Core
In 1983, Steve Jobs was featured on the cover of Time magazine when the personal computer was named “Machine of the Year.” His co-founder, Steve Wozniak, was quoted as saying, “Steve didn’t do one circuit, design, or piece of code.”1 The two had launched Apple Computer seven years before.

The Two Steves
Steve Wozniak grew up in suburban Santa Clara, California. At an early age, under his father’s influence, he developed a strong view of ethics and an interest in technology. Extreme honesty, extreme ethics, really. That’s the biggest thing he taught me . . . I never lie even to this day. . . . The other thing my dad taught me was a lot about electronics. I so clearly remember him telling me that engineering was the highest level of importance you could reach in the world, that someone who could make electrical devices that do something good for people takes society to a new level.2 The dream of building a personal computer was sparked for Wozniak when his father showed him an article about the original ENIAC computer. The article speculated about computer technology reaching “a point where anyone could buy a computer and put it in your house and learn how to use it yourself. I thought that would be just the best thing, and that was The Dream . . . the single force that drove me for years afterwards.”3 A zest for laughter also infused Wozniak’s life. He believed that “[i]n my head, the guy who’d rather laugh than control things is going to be the one who has the happier life.” In high school, Wozniak created the very first Dial-a-Joke service in the Bay Area, a feat he jokingly says he would rather be known for than for having created the first personal computer.4 While in college at UC-Berkeley, Wozniak was introduced to Steve Jobs by a mutual friend named Bill…...

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