Application of Hr in the Global Environment

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Application of HR in the Global Environment
Analyze Personnel Needs to Support Globalization Efforts
Marie Getty Cornet
Northcentral University

In these days of age Globalization plays a major role in businesses. More and more companies are conducting businesses overseas because of many factors such as competition between companies, low cost, demand, faster services and they also represent the main factors that had contributed in the success of Globalization. It has a positive side when all rules and regulations are being observed and a negative side when there is exploitation, contraband, low labor, maltreatment, political and cultural differences etc. That said I have been chosen to hire a new manager for the Scandinavian division and also to explain the process. It could be a long process for Management to find that person and know how to retain them at the same. In the following few lines I will demonstrate the most important skills and qualifications that a candidate must possess to be approved for an overseas assignments, the danger of doing business abroad and how to transmit the message to HR manager as well as the senior leadership team.

Application of HR in the Global Environment
What is Globalization and why is it being done by many companies globally? As describe from Wikipedia “The term Globalization (or globalization) refers to processed of international integration arising from the interchange of world view, product, idea, and other aspect of culture” (Wikipedia, 2006). Consumers are becoming very demanding and competition is not helping either, therefore, a business to quickly to provide her service or product at anytime, anywhere and anything. Because of technology consumers have become very educated and also everyone wants to buy and save as much because of the economy. “Thanks to today’s global economy in which…...

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