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Why are people important to a business?
Assets are necessary for any business to operate. The roles that people play within the business are critical to its success. However lots of managers say that a business’s employees are the most important assets that an enterprise has. This is because:
Employees can be creative and can have original ideas that others may not have which could attract more people to the company as lots of people like something new. Employees must also have creativity skills so they can find and use solutions for potential problems on tasks, projects etc. Employees can please consumers demand and create a reputation for high-quality products. Employee performance in the design, engineering, quality assurance and marketing of your company's product are essential components and are essential to a business’s success. Customers who purchase your product expect a quality product that meets their needs. If employees please consumer demands by the company providing a product they need, repeat business helps you build a strong customer base and if your customers are extremely satisfied with your product, your business could increase as a result of word of mouth which is an effective method of advertising. For example, if a customer goes to British Sugar’s and finds a product they need and is of good quality they would probably buy this product again and tell other people about it so they would probably go and buy it and they might tell another person about the product and this could happen in a cycle which would increase the amount of people shopping in British Sugar and buying this particular product.
All businesses can only achieve aims and objectives with the help of their employees. In British Sugar without the staff it would not be able to function properly and meet its aims and objectives. This shows British Sugars aims and objectives.…...

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