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Gilbert Charles Stuart (December 3, 1755 – July 9, 1828) was an American painter from Rhode Island.
Gilbert Stuart is considered to be one of America's foremost portraitists. His best-known work, the unfinished portrait (Open Style Realism) of George Washington that is sometimes referred to as The Athenaeum, was begun in 1796 and never finished; Stuart retained the portrait, which he sold for $100 each. The image of George Washington featured in the painting has appeared on the United States one-dollar bill for over a century. His mentor was Benjamin West, travel to (1787) Ireland and UK returning to us in 1792. He live very extravagant life style had money problems.

The Athenaeum (39 5/8” X 34 1/2”) 1796 (Lansdowne Portrait) manipulation of light & shade

Roy Lichtenstein (October 27, 1923– September 29, 1997) was an American pop artist. (Realistic) attended Ohio State University, He was known examples of pop art, adapted a comic-book panel.

George Washington (1962) oil on canvas 51” X 38”. Younger more glamour & success like a comic book hero no sense of brush strokes

John Matos (known as Crash), Bronx, New York, Oct. 11, 1961) is an “Urban” graffiti artist. (His own subway style) His Art is a "visual link between street life and established society.” A very unique style like Jackson Pollock

Arcadia Revisited (1988) Spray Paint on Canvas 96 ¼” X 68” Liner Quality overlapping gestures & unique color focal point is the eye /spark
Jackson Pollock (known as Action Jackson) stick painter Action Painting…...

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