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Lucy Maud Montgomery
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Elifnur Ozkahraman

Anne of Green Gables by author Lucy Maud Montgomery was a best-selling novel in 1908. The classic novel is more than 106 years old.
It’s one of the greatest books I have ever read. It’s captivating, in-depth, entrancing, descriptive, witty and enlightening!
Matthew and Marilla are two siblings who live in Prince Edward Island, Canada, who decided to adopt an orphan boy to help out Matthew on the farm. When Matthew goes to pick up the orphan boy from the train station, he is surprised to find a little red-headed girl sitting on a bench outside the station. From the moment Matthew saw Anne Shirley at the station he knew that he and Anne were going to get along. He was taken by Anne. Anne Shirley captured Matthews’s attention in a good way by being enthusiastic and having a talkative nature. Marilla on the other hand didn’t want her to stay, she wanted to take Anne Shirley back and get a boy but Matthew talked her out of it. At first Marilla was frustrated with Anne’s chattering but she was secretly fond of Anne. Finally Marilla starts to love and cherish Anne just like Matthew.
Anne Shirley is such an intelligent, witty, stubborn, passionate, loyal, and intelligent person. Anne loves beauty and fantasy. The character of Anne made me wish I was as amazing and imaginative as her when I was a little kid. I honestly admire her imaginative magnification and how she sees the beauty in almost everything and her positive outlook on life.
I can honestly say that Anne of Green Gables is one of my favourite novels and I’ll keep reading all of the novels over and over again from time to time. Another book by Lucy Maud Montgomery is “Emily of New Moon” I read this one as well and it’s just as good as Anne of Green Gables
I would recommend this book to every one of all…...

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