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“DASH Advertising Agency”

Time period: 3 to 6 months with a budget of 20 million



I. Overview of Advertising Plan A. Industry Trends
Education in the Philippines has undergone several stages of development from the pre-Spanish times to the present. In meeting the needs of the society, education serves as focus of emphases/priorities of the leadership at certain periods/epochs in our national struggle as a race. Higher education in the Philippines is characterized by the diversity of its origin, plurality in its mission and regional accessibility. However, higher-education institutions established during the Spanish period were more monolithic and Catholic in orientation. It was only under American rule that there was diversity, plurality and greater regional accessibility. In the desire to have a sound democratic foundation, consistent with the tenets of democracy, the expansion of state higher education was equally matched by the growth of secretarian-sponsored higher-education institutions of both Catholic and Protestant persuasion. Higher education in Philippines began with the establishment of the University of Santo Tomas (UST) in 1611. With the founding of UST, it can be claimed that private higher education in the country preceded the state higher-education institutions were established before the arrival of the American: the University of San Carlos (USC), located in Cebu, which was originally founded as the Colegio-Seminario de san Ildefonso in 1595 by the Jesuits Antonio Sedeno, Pedro Chirino and Antonio Pereira; the Ateneo Municipal de Manila, founded in 1804, which eventually became the Ateneo de Manila University in 1959. Many students and professors throughout the world are no longer satisfied, as they used to be,…...

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... J. 1987. Banana. p. 29–46. In: Fruits of warm climates. Julia F. Morton, Miami, FL. Banana Musa x paridasiaca Description Origin and Distribution Varieties Climate Soil Propagation Culture Harvesting Yield Handling and Packing Controlled Ripening and Storage Pests Diseases Food Uses Animal Feed Other Uses Folklore The word "banana" is a general term embracing a number of species or hybrids in the genus Musa of the family Musaceae. Some species such as M. Basjoo Sieb. & Zucc. of Japan and M. ornata Roxb., native from Pakistan to Burma, are grown only as ornamental plants or for fiber. M. textilis Nee of the Philippines is grown only for its fiber, prized for strong ropes and also for tissue-thin tea bags. The so-called Abyssinian banana, Ensete ventricosum Cheesman, formerly E. edule Horan, Musa ensete Gmel., is cultivated in Ethiopia for fiber and for the staple foods derived from the young shoot, the base of the stem, and the corm. Most edible-fruited bananas, usually seedless, belong to the species M. acuminata Colla (M. cavendishii Lamb. ex Paxt., M. chinensis Sweet, M. nana Auth. NOT Lour., M. zebrina Van Houtee ex Planch.), or to the hybrid M. X paradisiaca L. (M. X sapientum L.; M. acumianta X M. balbisiana Colla). M. balbisiana Colla of southern Asia and the East Indies, bears a seedy fruit but the plant is valued for its disease-resistance and therefore plays an important role as a ";parent"; in the breeding of edible bananas. M.......

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