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Module 4


|CONSULT IN EUROPE - LDV project n. 2006 FR/06/B/P/PP-152533 |
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With rapid changes in economic and technical environment, the firm must be ready to cope withperiod of organisational transitional. Organisational change generates new management issues and managers have to anticipate their strong repercussions since the beginning of change process. The main objective of this module is to give to the future consultant the tools necessary for internal adaptation to restructuring imperatives and managing the change process.
This training course is organised over 5 days of 6 working hours facilitated by a trainer whose professional experience will enrich and develop practical insightsinto theManagement Consulting sector.


This training programme addresses the needs of experienced employeeswho must know about the main issues linked to organisational change management. In order to deal with all these questions, this module covers the principal theories associated with restructuring and change management processes. Secondly, it aims to transfer these ideas into practical approaches, for the reality…...

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...AmSouth Bank it is designed as a financial institution which is involved in borrowing and lending money. Banks take customer deposits in return for an annual interest payment. The function of the environment is that the bank that uses the majority of these deposits to lend to other customers for a variety of loans. The difference between the two interest rates is effectively the profit margin for banks. The floor plan of the AmSouth Bank is one you enter there are guards that greet. Than once you go inside of the banks there are tellers and armed guards (Bank Liability for Employee Parking and Safety) present at each entrance. There are cameras present at each intersection. When dealing with the different floor plans it makes it harder or easier to commit crime a crime at the AmSouth Bank. Some of the known common threats are when the bank is getting robbed or it depends on the floor plan. It has been times were bank tellers are put on the line because it is money being established inside of the building. That’s why every bank receives the necessary training every month to know how to be able to handle a siuation of robbery. A risk assessment for each threat –I would make sure every corner of the AmSouth Bank inside and out has the silent alarms installed. I would have them hooked up a way that once the alarm is triggered it be connected to law-enforcement immediately. I would make sure security guards are present at every entrance of the AmSouth......

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