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Behavior Modification Contract
(Write the contract in complete sentences with correct grammar and spelling.)

Select a GOAL, something you would like to change about yourself. Perhaps you would like to stop smoking, consume less alcohol, improve study habits, manage time more effectively, or change eating or exercise habits. It is critical that your goal be measurable, attainable, positive, and significant to you.

I, Brooke Carman (insert name), desire to make the following behavior change:
I wish to change my eating habits. Recently since I started working this past summer as well as starting this online schooling program with a two year old daughter and house to obtain too I tend to eat fast food a lot and very unhealthy food. Desirably I want to eat healthier home cooked meals.
Describe the goal as a TARGET BEHAVIOR. What specific behavior do you want to increase or decrease?
Specifically I wish to be able eat one salad a day as well as one serving of meat and two servings of vegetables. I wish to decrease my intake of fast food to once a week.
Date I wish to attain goal by:
December 1, 2012
Choose a MEANS OF MONITORING PROGRESS, such as a chart or a behavioral diary.
Monitoring Method (this needs to be an objective, quantifiable measurement tool):
In order to monitor my eating habits I will keep a food journal tracking all the foods I eat.
I will assess my progress on the desired behavioral change on a regular basis (note how often):
Every day I will be writing in my journal what I am eating and at the end of each week ( Sunday) I will overview what I ate.
I will hold myself accountable by (i.e. reporting my progress to peers on a specified schedule, etc.):
Every Sunday when I take an over look at my food journal my fiancé we be looking at it as well. If he feels that my meals for the whole day were healthy and I met my food goals he will…...

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