Best Practices for Community Empowerment

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Empowerment of Coastal Fishing Communities for Livelihood Security
GOB/UNDP/FAO Project: BGD/97/017

Community Empowerment

Abu Nashir Khan
Fisheries Officer (Marine)


The report is structured as follows. The background information of “ Empowerment of the Coastal Fishing Communities for Livelihood ” project is first followed by justification of the report. The implementation of the process is described next. It also explores the best practices regarding community empowerment of the ECFC project.


The project works with the coastal fishing communities who are exposed to multiple vulnerabilities that determine their current condition of poverty and threaten their future. Though the project started functioning from December 2000 most of the field activities were launched in January 2001 onwards. The project is considered to be an innovative effort at evolving a partnership among GoB agencies, NGOs, fishing communities and the private sector for providing services at the doorsteps of the communities to empower them and encourage the community thus prepared to contribute to regeneration of coastal fisheries resources for their own sustainable livelihoods.

The Empowerment of Coastal Fishing Communities For Livelihood Security project aims to enable and facilitate participatory community-based fisheries co-management and sustainable human development in coastal fishing communities of selected Upazilla of Cox’s Bazar District, through awareness building, organization and empowerment of communities, promotion of alternative/additional income generating activities, facilitate improved access to productive, social and administrative services, and strengthening linkages between organized communities and local government institutions.
The primary aim of the project is to empower of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged groups of…...

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