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What is Montessori Education ?
Montessori schools are built on the teachings of an early twentieth century psychologist by the name of Montessori. Ms. Montessori opened her first school in 1906 and based her form of education on her work with and observations of needy children. Today, Montessori is popular world wide. Montessori schools are different in many ways from traditional schools. These differences are many but, so are the benefits.

Traditional schools adhere to rules and regulations. Traditional schools have schedules and there is a set time for everything: eating, playing, math, and reading. Children are not given any choice on when and how long they can participate in an activity. Montessori schools believe in allowing the students to choose in how long it takes to explore and learn from an activity. The schedule is fluid with some activities taking longer on some days and shorter amounts of time on another day; depending on the mood and energy of the children in the classroom.

The teacher rules in traditional school settings. The teacher teaches her class and the children sit and listen intently. Children are not allowed to move or talk without first getting the permission of the teacher. The Montessori teacher takes a silent presence in the classroom. The goal here is to present the information to the class and then allow the children to explore the new concept while moving around the room and talking.

Being outdoors is essential in a Montessori school. It is believed that all children need time to play and explore the earth. The Montessori philosophy on this is that, through out doors play, children learn to appreciate the planet while feeding their natural curiosity. This appreciation and curiosity leads to wanting to learn about science and conservation. The fresh air and exercise is vital to a healthy body which lends itself to the…...

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