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Energypac Power Generation Ltd. was founded in the year 1995 and today it has established itself as a major supplier of standby and base load generators, low voltage electrical accessories, Busbar systems and luminaries and fixtures including energy saving lamps in a commitment to conserve energy. The company aims to provide reliable, safe, and environmental friendly power to the industrial, commercial, and residential facilities of Bangladesh and has indeed, succeeded in significantly contributing to the country’s power engineering, management, generation and distribution system.
CIPP, one of the core businesses of Power Gen, has earned the company a total of 162MW gas engine power plant projects on turnkey basis. A total of 173.31MW of our Diesel generators within the range of 30Kw and 1400Kkw are in trouble free operation nationwide.
Our recently formed Oil & Gas Division in association with world reputed Companies like Parker Drilling Company, Messina Incorporated, Emme Gas etc. , aims to provide service and support to Oil & Gas Exploration, Production, Transmission and Distribution sector of Bangladesh including CNG refueling station etc. Energypac Power Generation Ltd has taken up another recent project of importing and marketing China’s largest selling brand, JAC automobiles.
EPGL has experienced spectacular growth over these past 12 years .It has now nearly 200 highly motivated employees determined to bring about the various technological innovations and their implementations and thus help the country in quality goods and services. Our Quality products, competent manpower, countrywide operation have earned us an ever increasing popularity among our valued customers and clients
EPGL wishes to become the first choice its customers by providing best in class end-to-end engineering solutions, win the hearts and minds of current and…...

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