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The Cooler Cooker

Unit 6 Final Project

Tanya Dabney

Marketing Management, GB530.04
Dr. Jerry Haenisch, PhD
May 27, 2011

1.0 Executive Summary The “Cooler Cooker” is the most recent innovation that has great potential to generate revenue for Lakeland, “the home of creative kitchenware”. The Cooler Cooker is a product that will be an answer to household families, single parents, chefs, culinary students, and anyone who prepares hot meals whether at home, in restaurants, or in a cafeteria. The cooler cooker will perform and prepare meals as any other cooking pot or pan. The beauty behind this product is although it has the ability to prepare meals on the stovetop or in the oven, to the outside touch, the pot or pan will never get hot. This innovate product is any cook’s dream, especially moms who are always in fear of their children that are always displaying curiosity to get the better of them and makes the decision to touch that hot pot on the stovetop. It is not uncommon, everyone at some point or another, while preparing a meal have mistakenly or unconsciously touched that hot pot and the results of the incident were not good. With the Cooler Cooker you will never receive another burn. Regardless of the temperature in the oven, or the length of time the meal has to be prepared on the stovetop, this safe and user friendly product will never get hot to the outside touch rather it will always remain cool. The Cooler Cooker appeals to virtually any individual responsible for the preparation of a meal whether for personal or professional usage. This product diminishes the most common mishap that occurs in the kitchen. This user friendly product eliminates the possibility of ever receiving a burn from a hot pot or hot pan. The product is dishwasher safe, can easily be stored…...

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