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“One Brand, One Company”
“The brand is not this kind of cold, static name outside a shop or outside a building or on a piece of clothing. There are values and a culture behind it."
Brand equity is a very valuable term to the British luxury brand Burberry: it lies in the famous checker pattern which is now Burberry’s trademark. Christopher Bailey’s wise words reflect the enterprise’s global strategy. But what did Burberry do to double its net income in just five years? Well, the secret is Britain’s most paid CEO, Angela Ahrendts. The hire of Angela in 2006 turned things around dramatically at Burberry’s headquarters: she understood Burberry’s core competences and its history; she understood the brand and the recent trends in the luxury sector.
About Burberry
To maintain the integrity and vitality of Burberry, while continuing to remain relevant to ever-changing markets and consumer tastes. (World Press, 2012)
To be the first digital end to end company.
"Our vision is that a customer has total access to Burberry, across any device, anywhere," says Angela Ahrendts. "They get exactly the same feeling of the brand and a feeling of the culture. Everyone can come to Burberry World and understand the journey that Burberry is on.” [ (SalesForce) ]
Core Values:
Protect, Explore and Inspire.
The Business Strategy:
It consists of the following steps; starting with “Leveraging the franchise”: market innovation and product excellence; “Intensifying the non-apparel development”: men’s accessories, shoes and large leather goods and through licensing;“Accelerating retail-led growth” like retail expansion and optimization; “Investing in under-penetrated markets” like china acquisition; and “Pursuing operational excellence” like study of monthly cash flow.
Burberry’s Repositioning strategy:
Burberry started by…...

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