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Assessment Question:Marketing planWorking in your group and based on your business environment market research (Assignment 1) decide on a strategy for the segmentation of your selected target market/s as well as a positioning of the business in respect to previously identified SWOT analysis elements and competitors strengths and weaknesses. Following that, you will decide on a number of marketing activities (describe in details what these are) designed to launch (remember that this is a new business) and further promote your business. The budget available to you, for the chosen activities, is $60,000 and you will present these in a table format with clear indication of type, starting date, duration and cost for each of these (pricing of activities should be researched with real figures inserted in your table).The following sections are expected: Title page Executive summary Table of contents 1.Introduction 2.Description and location of the business (from Assignment 1) 3.Environmental analysis (micro and macro) 4.SWOT table followed by a SWOT analysis with key elements listed and explained 5.Market segmentation strategy 6.Target market selection (with rationale of the decision explained) 7.Business positioning in respect to competitors analysis (from Assignment 1) 8.Description of marketing activities (these should be based on your SWOT and target market/s analysis) 9.Budget presented as a table of chosen marketing activities 10.Conclusion Reference listYour report should be written in Arial font size…...

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