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Week 2 - you decide
Business 427 professor September 22, 2009

Q1: Do you think REESE Inc., adhered to a set of Business Ethics? If so, what were they? If not, what would you recommend as a set of business ethics for them?
I think REESE Inc. did what it was set up to do. Appear as a separate entity in order to secure contracts. These types of things happen all the time. The Planet Hollywood restaurants were all set up under different corps. When one went bankrupted, the others were untouchable. Any company that is going to do business with another is responsible for doing the proper due diligence on the people and company your going into business with. Any back ground check on the people running the company would have shown that they work for and with one another.
Q2: Discuss the ethical issues involved in this case. Discuss how you might develop a plan for addressing the ethical issues involved in this case?
You keep mentioning the ethics in this case, but REESE Inc. did nothing wrong. Most people might not agree with the approach or with what REESE did, but that’s business. If I were Monica Ponce, I would have signed a non-circumventing contract with REESE Inc. in order to protect my contacts as well as a contract to do business together before introducing any of my contacts or being part of any meeting that might bring future business with REESE Inc.
Q3: How do you think the President of CNS should have addressed this directive from the CEO of REESE, Inc.?
Susie Wang has an obligation to REESE Inc. to work on their behalf since Curtis Davis and REESE Inc. set them up to find hidden global opportunities. I find it hard to believe that Ms. Wang was not aware of the strategy of Curtis Davis and REESE Inc. since she is a subsidiary. I’m also sure that both Dr. Wang and Curtis Davis had a rebuttal and plan for the phone call that would…...

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