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Unit 3: Introduction to Marketing M1

Compare the effectiveness of the use of the marketing mix by both McDonalds and Prêt A Manger, including:

a) How they meet the expectations of the target customer

The expectations of McDonald’s customers are to receive a fast, efficient service for an ‘on the go’ lifestyle. They want a clear menu with many meal deals already to go for a quicker exchange at the till. They expect the food to be cheap in price and also filling to satisfy their hunger. Prêt’s customer’s expectations are quite different as they expect to receive a welcoming environment where each customer is valued; this means that Prêt wants to keep them coming back unlike McDonalds which is a ‘grab and go’ restaurant. The staff are trained to a high standard and enjoy their job so that the happy energy is transferred to customers when they come in. The customers of Prêt also expect fresh food made from scratch every day with no preservatives or additives added which is one of Prêt’s main policies. Going back to the expectation of Pret being a welcoming place, the design of all the stores comes into play and they try and make it as casual and relaxing as possible with sofas, lighting and appropriate posters.

b) How the elements of the marketing mix are integrated and how they relate to each other.

McDonalds uses the marketing mix in their operations a lot. They start with designing a Product, for example the Big Mac. For this product to sell well they need to look at the Place they are going to be selling in, if it is a high end area then not many people will be buying burgers as it is seen to be for the lower class. Also if it was to be sold in a different country McDonalds would have to make sure that the people there are allowed to eat that kind of meat (beef). Leading on from the Place McDonalds will then have to look at the…...

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