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Assignment #2
Chapters 1-4 Journal A
Cristina Castro

Would yo describe yourself as multiracial, or do you see yourself as belonging to a single race? Why? ( page 9)
I would describe myself as being multiracial, even though when asked in forms I usually only circle Hispanic or Latino. My mom is Venezuelan, and as far down as we can track all her ancestors were also Venezuelans, on my dad’s side he was European, and all his relatives as far as being tracked down were also of European decent. I believe my family is made up of a diversity of races. Although we are not able to find out where it came from, on my mom’s side of the family there must have been someone from Asian decent, as I have almost Asian eyes, and I have cousins and had an uncle that if you were to look at them you would think that they were Chinese.
Have you or any member of your family ever encountered a glass ceiling? Explain (page 14)
When I was 2 months old, my dad passed away in an accident, my mom had to take my dad’s place at his job, which was a factory that he owned along with other partners. My mom experience a glass ceiling as the other’s partners perspective of a woman working weren’t as diverse and thought that because of her gender she shouldn’t have been working in such a top position. I believe this happened because it was in Venezuela, where the cultural landscape of women working wasn’t consider much and what was perceived as a job for women was to be a stay home mom with the children.
Should we always treat everybody the same and ignore differences? Are there any situations in which we should treat people differently? (page 32)
I really think that we should in fact treat everyone the same and ignore differences. Diversity is every where, and no two persons are alike, there are of course many apparent differences between people that include…...

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