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Case 2-2: Fair and Lovely

Just as tanning plays a huge role in most of the Western countries; in India Skin lightening treatments are becoming increasingly popular. The Indian people perceive fairer complexion females to be more dominant and respected. Therefore skin-lightening treatments became a huge industry which was dominated by Fair & Lovely from Hindustan Lever Ltd (HLL). They were responsible for 90 percent of the market shares until CavinKare Ltd launched Fairever, which grew and gained 15 percent shares in the market. Wanting to regain their dominance in the market HLL decided to put out their new campaign ads which to the All India Women’s Democratic Association (AIWDA) basically conveyed the message that “if she is not fair in color, she won’t get married or wont get promoted.” This of course created a huge problem in India, which forced HLL to switch their campaign strategies and pay more respect to the women of India and their culture. 1. I think it is very clear to say that HLL was ethical in most of its campaign to sell its’ product. The country and culture has had a huge demand for skin lightening treatments for a long time; HLL has done nothing wrong but tried to give the people what they truly desire. Many women think that their skin tone will define them as a woman in society, therefore they are willing to seek any means to acquire what they believe is the perfect skin tone. HLL saw a great opportunity, took it and ran with it. Although the cream doesn’t actually change one’s complexion fully, it changes the facial color for a certain length of time, which gives the perception that women are looking for. So regardless of what seems to be ethical HLL is giving the people exactly what they desire. 2. In today’s society it is almost natural to exploit cultural norms and values to promote and or…...

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