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When software is being purchased for a company we must thoroughly examine all parties involved and make sure all input is considered before making a purchase. Key players that are not involved in daily IT functions were put in charge of purchasing new software and the users and IT personnel were not contacted on what the new system should do or what features are wanted. Introduction
This assignment is a case study that shows the failures of a business while integrating over to a new software system. The MSCC displayed many areas of poor judgment on technology and software in the business. They were running on old system and software into the 21st century. The time to upgrade to more current systems had long past. Problems will arise when management and support staff are not on the same page when it comes to technology decisions. Improperly trained IT staff and office politics slowed the integration process to a standstill once the new system was approved. Improper steps were also taken by IT staff as no plans were laid out to what steps to take during the process. We will look at each key player and the roles they had in the case. We will also look at what steps we would need to take if we were in Leon Lassiter’s place.
1. Who are the key players in the case and what are their respective roles? 1.1 Leon Lassiter – Lassiter was brought on work at MSCC during a time where they were struggling to keep the budget balanced and produce revenue. It pioneered the push sales and marketing push and revamped the sales process to allow them to achieve sales and replenish the funds in the reserve. Even though he was not placed in charge, he to the initiative to implement a new software system that would improve productivity and allow them to grow in the future. Although he led the project of acquiring the new software, he was not involved in…...

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