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This case makes us think about which requirements a good investment adviser should meet and what is the standard to judge him or her. Actually, we cannot assess a person’s performance by just looking how much money he made. With the sharply rising interest rates in 1994, even an adviser is conscious of potential crisis, he cannot turn around the general environment. When failure is due to unexpected events beyond their control, criticize only adviser is not very proper and he could be the scapegoat of senior manager who act as an important role in the decision.

On the other hand, in the portfolio management process, continuous evaluation for changes in the economic and socio-political environment is a critical duty of fund manager, even though we cannot attribute a fault to only the fund manager when confronted unpredictable events, we must emphasize the duty of fund manager should responsible for, such as suitability(adviser must make reasonable inquiry into a client’s risk and return objective and determine that an investment is suitable to client’s financial situation), communication with clients(disclose to clients the basic format and general principles of the investment processes used to analyze investment, construct portfolio). If the manager hasn’t fulfilled these duties to clients, he must be chastised because of his misconduct.

As a result, when we try to find out the reasons for failure, we must first analyze whether the fund manager is conscientiousness, and then inspect the company’s relevant responsible…...

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