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Table of Contents
1. Introduction Page 3
2. Change Drivers Page 3
3. Images of Change Page 4
4. Strategic Change Initiative Page 5
5. Strategy and Culture Page 6
6. Getting the Heads Together Page 7
7. Resistance Page 9
8. Back to Work Page 10
9. Getting the Buy In Page 11
10. Resistance – Part 2 Page 13
11. Rolling It Out and Gaining Momentum Page 14
12. Evaluation Page 16
13. What I Took From This Page 17
Appendix A – Old Org Chart
Appendix B – Change Memo
Appendix C – Promotional Announcement
Appendix D – New Org Chart
Brookdale Senior Living (BKD) has been in operations since 1978 and is the largest senior living provider in the nation. (Assisted Living) Operating 565 senior living facilities and employing over 53,600 associates, BKD has positioned itself to grow and to become one of the sought after places to work in the nation. In addition to the facilities, BKD has 3 corporate offices; Nashville, Milwaukee, and Chicago with Milwaukee being the largest of the three. The offices are designated as the support center (Milwaukee), the corporate office (Nashville) and Chicago is just a satellite office that houses the Co-President and other executives.
Of all the departments in the company, the IT department is the largest of the corporate departments and is housed in the Milwaukee office, the support center. There are currently over 120 associates in the department and there are always openings for more. Prior to the change, there were five areas within the IT department. Those areas were network operations or infrastructure, telecom, security, project management, and end user services. All areas reported to the Chief Intelligence Officer (CIO) Scott Ranson, with very little room for growth or advancement.
Change Drivers
There was a need…...

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