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Chao Feng Chinese Orchestra’s 31st Anniversary Concert was held on Sunday, 25th August 2013 from 4-6pm at Ivanhoe Girls’ Grammar School Performing Arts Centre. Traditional Chinese instruments - Gaohu, Erhu, Zonghu, Jinghu, Guqin, Dizi (flute), Sheng (mouth organ), Suona, Yangqin, Liuqin, Pipa, Zhongruan, Sanxian, Daruan and Guzheng, joined together to perform several Chinese pieces as in ensemble conducted by Mr. Yat Ping Chan. The performance included pieces played by the whole ensemble as well as solo and duet performances.

Instruments that had the chance to perform in solo performances without accompaniment included Guzheng and Guqin. Guzheng and Guqin is both plucked zither, but Guzheng has more strings and movable bridges. These instruments produce a very clear and soothing sound with a hint of sadness. However, when they are played in a faster tempo, they can sound quite cheerful and energetic. The 2 songs performed by Guzheng and Guqin were “Jackdaws frolicking in the Water” and “Phoenix Tree Leaves dancing in the Autumn Breeze” respectively. Both songs depicts a scene of birds dancing and enjoying themselves in the nature. Due to the nature of the zithers to produce slightly melancholic sound, it felt as though the happiness won’t last long.

The most interesting duet of the performance was the duet by Sheng. Sheng, the Chinese mouthorgan, is always used to harmonise the song in ensembles. Thus, it is quite different to hear the instruments playing a melody rather than the chords that it usually plays in ensembles as accompaniments. The song started slower and when it reached climax, crescendo was noted. Xiao and double bass started playing along with the Sheng during the climax of the song too. It was noted that the flutes weren’t played during the whole performance as the woodwind instrument could overpower the mouthorgan.

The plucked-string…...

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