Child Predators: Does Technology Increase Exposure and Risk?

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Child Predators: Does Technology Increase Exposure and Risk?

Child Predators: Does Technology Increase Exposure and Risk?
Child predators, or a person who preys upon minors for self-gratification often in a sexual manner, has been a known social issue before computers were invented. With the increased availability of computer based technology, including social networking, people have begun to demand more laws and regulations in regards to sex offenders ability access online technology and communication tools (Wynton, 2011). The availability of computer based communication has allowed for the world to interact with others in a way that is not like that of telegraph or telephone. Does the increase of technology create more predators or does it just give a medium for predators to expand and reach their potential victims? As with many things that are linked to technology, the exposure and the knowledge that is needed to prevent the increase of child predators online is reliant on multiple factors. These factors include access to online environments, increased preventative technology, knowledge of children and their risks online, and the need for social responsibility for web developers, parents, and children. The expansion of technology does not guarantee more predators will emerge but it does give new mediums and victims that may not have been available previously, creating a need for changes in both the virtual and real worlds that people reside in.

Background Child predators can be prosecuted for attempts to “knowingly persuade, induce, entice or coerce any minor to engage in any sexual activity” according to Christenson (2011) of Duke Law School. With this in mind, prior to computer based communication the predator would have to have a way to be close enough to the potential victim in order to commit or attempt a sex crime. With the…...

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