Chinese Customer Research

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Chinese Customer Research
1. Customer Profile * Travelling Purpose
96% Chinese international travellers surveyed have been abroad for leisure reasons, while 52% have been abroad for business or educational purposes. According to the data over the past five years, Chinese international travellers tend to take leisure trips abroad more frequently than business trips, especially for those visiting relatives and friends. * Independently Travelling Preferred
70% of Chinese international travellers now travel independently and only 30% of Chinese international travellers travel as part of the arranged groups. The percentage of those travelled independently increased compared with two years ago.
2. Most Popular Activities
When travelling, 51% of Chinese international travellers prefer to go shopping as they seek for luxury brands in USA. Older travellers aged 35+ are more interested in traditional sightseeing, while younger travellers aged under 35 are more interested in dining.
In addition, Chinese travellers in tier 1 cities are more likely to go shopping when travelling abroad (57 per cent vs 51 per cent for the total).

Activity | Sightseeing | Dining | Shopping | Beaches | Museum | Rural pursuit | Percentage | 75% | 65% | 51% | 37% | 22% | 17& |

3. Booking Methods
49% of Chinese international travellers will book their accommodation directly through the hotel, with 29% among those book on the website and 19% by telephone. 36% travellers rely on a travel agent, with 14% booking through online travel companies via their website, mobile app or call center.
How the travellers travel is also a differentiating factor. Those travel independently and make their own travel arrangement are 17% less likely to use traditional travel agent than those travelled with an organized group.
4. Female travellers
Chinese female travellers are more…...

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