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I chose Aiu for several reasons. I need a degree that will help me advance in my career and future, and my responsibility as a student I will comprehend in every subject and courses I take so I can succeed and graduate, and live my dreams Profession. I needed it fast, I get frustrated easily, and therefore, traditional environments that stretch their courses this period of time would only make me quit before I completed the program. I can say that I have no regrets so far. I am scheduled to complete the bachelor program in specialization health management. And to prove and challenge my work at Aiu will be the big step of my life. Getting the opportunity to focus and require a successful career, the future and education calls for entirely new kinds of learning environment.

What I find about Aiu and virtual campus is you have a chance to get the dream u always wanted to be in life. And virtual campus you can communicate and No matter what your age, background, or experience, effective communication is a skill you can learn (no matter how you might feel about it now). With a little self-confidence and knowledge of the basics of good communications you will be able to effectively communicate your message in both conversations and presentations, in all walks of life. Liking virtual campus you can work, chat with your friends online, and as a group it shows how much you know and participate in classes online. Aiu give you good service and support threw the entire course, whenever you need help with a subject the instructor and career service help with no problem. I love the way it is in Aiu, they make it so easy to follow each step and get you through the end of graduation. And Focusing in that path of career will give you potential, and progress throughout your work courses.

What really inspired me about scavenger hunt? I was searching for colleges…...

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