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IT at Cirque du Soleil
May 28,2014
1. Describe how IT supports the touring show life cycle (from creation through performance).
What is interesting is that Cirque du Soliel when boiled down is just a circus. When people think of a circus as the Vice President of Information Technology and Knowledge management Danielle Savoie points out technology is not generally used, but Cirque du Soliel revamps the image and makes it completely unique. In touring show life, information technology is very important because first of all it is a time saver, which is incredibly important when the show is on a schedule. When people are about to go perform they have to have very quick makeup and dress changes or else the entire show is off schedule, which can result in a disaster. One situation that really saves time due to IT is the make up. Putting on the make up used to take an hour and that was with several make up artists working on one person. With IT, the artists save not just time, but they get an opportunity to work on more than one person. The article even mentions that the performers can do their own make up, which saves even more time. The make up artists use a program that breaks down each performer and what they are wearing as well as how his or her make up is done. The program also keeps the measurements in the computer as well, which really helps with costume changes and alterations. Another way IT helps is to market the production and show people what Cirque du Soliel is. The website is colorful, flashy, and demonstrates all of the different types of shows a person can go see not just touring, but also in different cities as well. The website tells the history of Cirque du Soliel as well as a short video showing a performance. The video really helps explain what Cirque du Soliel is and why one would want to go see it because with the…...

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